5 Ways to Best English Writing Skills Not Leaving Your Facebook Page

The statistic says that there are more than 2 billion people who actively visit Facebook monthly, and for 50% of them FB is the first thing they see in the morning. Impressive, isn’t it? We are 100% sure that you are one of those users and, what is more, an avid English learner who wants to improve writing skills. Have you ever thought that you could combine these two activities so that you could only benefit from the duet? Yeah, it sounds odd because Facebook is supposed to be the main distraction that doesn’t let you study. But the truth is that you can use this widely popular social network to boost your English writing if you do it properly. And how exactly to realize this idea? Continue reading and find out!

1. Set Your Default FB Language to English

This move will create the right atmosphere every time you access your favorite social network. Besides, the words in the English interface will sink into your mind forever, which is surely an advantage because you will never feel lost in any other English website.

2. Like and Follow the Best English Writing Pages and Groups

There are tons of resources on Facebook that provide its users with a great deal of useful information on both English language learning as well as the actual writing. There you can find out some interesting details your teachers have never told you and get properly inspired. Here are some examples:

English learning:

  • Learn English
  • LearnEnglish – British Council
  • BBC Learning English
  • English Vocabulary
  • Learn English Online

English writing:

  • NaNoWriMo
  • Writers Write
  • The Writer’s Almanac
  • The Write Life Community
  • Copyblogger

3. Subscribe to English News and Fun

You can turn your whole information environment to serve the purpose of improving your English. This way you not only repeat the words you know but also enrich your vocabulary without a lot of efforts. By reading everything in English on your favorite platform, you will get annoyed that some words you don’t understand, translate them and remember. Easy-peasy! It will also add some fluency to you speaking and writing.

Some interesting FB pages:

  • Mashable
  • BoredPanda
  • BuzzFeed
  • Mental Floss
  • College Humor

4. Find a Native English Speaker and Socialize

There are thousands of people on Facebook that would be happy to communicate with you because you want to learn their language. Just don’t be shy and if it’s your first conversation of that sort, make a list of topics you can discuss, or questions you want to ask. Anyway will do.

5. Read the Comments and Comment Yourself

It’s very interesting to read how people discuss important (as well as a trifle) things on Facebook because everybody thinks he/she’s an expert. Try to figure out what people talk about in groups that you are curious about, and engage in some discussions yourself!
Finally, you can get away from that guilty feeling that you waste your time and just procrastinate. These five ways will help to spend your time on Facebook with maximum use, so don’t miss this opportunity! Subscribe to all the groups and enhance your English!

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