How to Write Objectives for a Presentation

One of the most popular assignments among students of different educational establishments is the design of a presentation, which in turn requires the skill of how to write objectives for a presentation. Any long-term projects require a reasonable amount of preparation, and presentations are not an exception to the general rule. Unlike most written assignments, presentations, in most cases, require the students to enable their creative skills more than any others. As a result, one may find him/herself in a situation when not knowing where to start. One of the first and most important parts of a presentation is in its learning objectives. Therefore, it would be utmost noteworthy to understand how to write objectives for a presentation in an utmost effective way.

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What is a Presentation

A presentation is an academic assignment specifically designed to teach the student to present his/her findings in a creative and persuasive manner. Presentations usually take the form of PowerPoint slides that contain text and pictures related to the subject. However, a presentation does not exist by itself, as it requires a narrator to accompany it with in-depth explanations. In most cases, these presentations are directly connected to a long-term project that the student should be working on, and aim to present its core ideas to the audience (the tutor and other students). As a result, the objectives are the key components that are required to present those core ideas and should be revealed at the begging of the presentation.

Getting Started

The objectives should resemble a laconic representation of the whole project. In order to begin outlining the objectives, one should attempt to collect the main resources he/she is going to work with and brainstorm ideas about the project. First of all, the topic of the project should be chosen. After that, one should conduct the research to analyze the topical background. When the student has collected the necessary background information required to form at least a general impression about the topic, he/she should aim to answer the following questions that would allow forming the project’s objectives:

  • What does the project aim to accomplish?
  • Why is it important?
  • Is it relevant to science today?
  • Is it relevant to the course of study?
  • How is it relevant?
  • What are the implications of the studied object?
  • What will be achieved by the end of the project?
  • What are the means of achieving the main goal?

Writing the Objectives

After answering the questions above, the student should be able to reply to most of the audience’s inquiries that may arise and do so without any hesitations. While the objectives should be based on those potential answers, the student should remember that the main point that the instructor is interested in is how the student’s education will benefit from accomplishing the project’s goals. Therefore, when writing the objectives, the author should emphasize not only on the key points of the project but on the skills and knowledge that he/she will gain in the process.

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