Occupation: a Professional All Nighter

all nighterIt’s only 2 pm and you’re absolutely exhausted. You’re doing your best in order to fight a strong desire to go to the dreamland, but it’s all in vain. You simply do not know how to stay awake when you need it the most. Would you like to get to know some of the basic tricks that will help you not to fall asleep and get more energy to have the things done? Read on.

Stimulate your senses. It may be the simplest way to fight sleepiness. There are some things a needy student can do in order to make certain his eyes, nose and ears are both – active and alert. Remember, the more parts of your body are kept active and alert, the longer time you will stay awake. Make sure to try some of the things described below:

  • If you work at home, make sure to turn on all lights around you. If you can’t control the room lights, ensure to sit as close to the source of light as you can.
  • In order to keep your mouth alert, chew your favourite gum.
  • Do you have an opportunity to listen to some music? Give preference to some rock, jazz, hip-hop or any other genre that won’t let you fall asleep.
  • Sniff some peppermint oil. It will wake up your sense of smell.
  • If your eyes are red and hurting, make sure to have some short break and stare at the wall for some time.

Do something that you like first. Let’s say, it is a great idea to watch “the Star Wars”, play some of your favourite video games – anything you choose should keep you occupied. The games like “Would You Rather”, “Truth or Dare” and even good old “Mafia” – make sure to pay attention to them in order to stay awake. There’s also “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” for you to have fun. These options will definitely keep your eyes wide open.

Never work in your bed. The thing is that your bed is such a comfortable place to stay that the very moment you close your eyes just for a second, you will open them in ten hours. Or even more. This means that your task is to work on the floor, on a hard chair or anything else that is similar.

Keep an eye on each other. Make sure to set a special rule where in case anyone starts falling asleep, you shake him or, as an alternative, give him a small pinch in his arm.

Turn off mobile phone, instant messages and emails notifications, the TV, etc. In fact, it is recommended to pinch yourself in case you start switching your attention to one of the distractions. This act will take you back to the real world and keep you 100% focused on the work that you have to get done.  However, if you wish to pull an all-nighter for the other reason, tablets, cell phones and so on give off blue light that will help you fight the sleepiness.

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