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facebook on laptopEvery internet user will agree that the popularity of Facebook, as well as the other social networking web sites, is constantly growing. The good thing about that is that a lot of students nowadays have learnt to make use of Facebook for educational purposes. They have realized that using social networking they will get an opportunity to advance their skills and promote great collaboration with their peers. Some of the researches that have been performed not long ago proved that social networking brings great advantages to the college and university students, allowing them to enter new learning networks, based on common interests and academic requirements. In other words, social networking web sites provide students with a forum for extending the classroom we all got used to and enable them to join a bunch of groups that suit their educational requirements and interests. What are the other ways that Facebook makes our academic routine more enjoyable?

Alternative option to ask someone for information. Instead of surfing Wikipedia for the materials required for the class, make sure to ask the online crowd on Facebook. There are many groups on the Facebook, where you will definitely find someone competent in your discipline.

Ability to attend remote lectures. If you have your account on Facebook, it means that you have an opportunity to tune into a great variety of remote presentations and lectures from all parts of the globe.

Firsthand research. When assigned with the genealogy home assignments, you have an opportunity to get in touch with the members of your family via Facebook. In case your task is to work on some social project, Facebook enables you to contact some of the local or even world celebs to discuss some issues.

Follow political leaders. In case your studying is focused on the current elections, make sure to avail of Facebook in order to follow national, state or local politicians. What is more, you can even ask the other college and university students to interact with the political candidates, asking some questions via Facebook posts and getting feedback.

Interpersonal communication. Facebook space is a great forum for interpersonal communication – a crucial skill for both personal development and future successful employment. Interpersonal skills should be encouraged at every level possible, starting with written online formats like Facebook, and ending with the in-personal skills within the other environments.

Collaboration in a group. Through connection with online “friends”, the users of Facebook community are honing various ways in which they can co-work with the other members of the group. High schools, colleges and universities should encourage students to develop group collaboration skills via Facebook, as well as some project based learning activities.

To sum up, educational establishments that block Facebook or just restrict using this social media simply keep students from benefiting from stunning opportunities to learn and share educational materials in a fun way, using technology. Educational area should include various cyber tools like Facebook as a great tool to inspire, educate and excite college and university students.

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