Example Critical Thinking

example critical thinkingCritical thinking is the organized procedure of effective and skillful conceptualization, analysis and synthesis of information. It may involve evaluating data accumulated from the perception, experience, reflection, thinking, or interaction processes as a manual for actions and beliefs. In its excellent structure, the example critical thinking depends on general universal values that rise above further divisions: clarity, exactness, accuracy, consistency, importance, valid reasons, sound evidence profundity, broadness, and decency.

There are many social issues that may be discovered through the thorough consideration of the currently available fiction and classic literature. One of the brightest examples of the novels that can be considered as an exemplary reflection of the modern world is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Through the novel, the author sheds light on the case that the modern world goes in a wrong direction, abandoning the humane values and setting the priority on the technical process.

The same as the majority of the dystopian novels, Brave New World discovers several major concerns. The new vision on totalitarianism was proposed. It is not brutal and violent, but people are shown as created by a conveyor belt. The babies are engineered through the bottles. Parents do not nurture them and teach how to live – they simply listen to the audio signals. The concept of love is abandoned and casual sex is the option learned from the early childhood games. This benchmark novel is usually compared with another customary read novel – 1984 by George Orwell. Orwell managed to share all the oppression and control, which make people act like animals. People are easily controlled and even those who oppose are weak to break the structure. People are not individuals but the pieces of the mechanism – they born, live, work and die for it.

One of the critical moments concerns the meeting with indigenous people from the reservation. The first stressful impression is caused by the severe ‘violation’ of the consumerism values modern people share. Those people in reservation tend to repair things, while ‘modern’ people think that there is no need to do that – it is better to buy a new one. Consumerism through buying is a kind of satire, as people may indeed fall in addiction from the material goods. Indeed, people start to forget about the profound dominance of the non-material goods that make people really happy. Such things are love, loyalty, care and devotion. The final scene when the hero from the reservation commits suicide, unable to live in this corrupted inanimate world is a depiction of the inner truth of the author, who seeks and strives for the profound values.

Literature becomes a great value when it depicts actual troubles and values and sincerely speaks to the reader. Brave New World, just as other dystopian novels considered through this critical analysis, could serve as a notion and warning. They show not what is already happening – but what will it be like if people proceed to do what they do now. People have to be aware regarding where they forward own lives and the world as a whole.

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