Party Hard: 5 Tips for Getting Up in the Morning

how to get up in the morningAs the end of the week is approaching, many college and university students tend to have fun as much as they can and party hard! During this time, sleep is one of the issues they usually give up first! While a lot of students truly believe they will easily reclaim this loss on Sunday, regular all-nighters end up with chronic deprivation of sleep. Its symptoms include difficulties in concentrating, sluggishness and irritation in the process of work and in class.

But what can we do if we really cannot skip the party? How can we get back to reality in the morning if the night was really bombastic? Here are some ideas on how to get up in the morning as easy as possible:

Set your alarm. Probably this will be the most important part of your morning plan to get up after a hard night. One should set an alarm clock to go off several times. What for? Just in case you are worried that you may sleep through it. If you are in need of additional motivation, it is recommended to set several alarm clocks in order to make it way more difficult to stay in bed for a long time in the morning.

Water is a must. If the party was really hard then you should know that alcohol can cause dehydration. Make sure to drink a glass of water or two – this will help you replace the fluids you have lost.

Exercise. It’s hard to get up, but there is something you should know about exercising. Burning off some calories will take away your guilt about how much you have drunk. And please, bear in mind that it is highly recommended to keep a bottle of water at hand so that you can avoid more dehydration.

Cold shower. When you can hardly open your eyes after a long night of fun, make sure to get into the shower. The thing is that a cold shower in the morning will be not only incredibly energetic, but also incredibly healing. The cold shower in the morning will boost up the energy flow all the way through your vein, releasing lethargy and weakness. You will be left feeling refreshed and…alive!

Eat light food. After a hard and long night partying with pals, it is highly important to eat light. Pizza, burgers and the other greasy stuff should be thrown away. Your number one choice in the morning is protein food like chicken or fish. Fruits and vegetables should also be included in your after-party menu – your body is in need of healthy food that can help you to come back to life after a busy night. Regain the vitamins level in your organism (you have lost a bunch of them last night!). The best alternative would be to eat a homemade soup with leaks, carrots and celeries.

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