GRE Essay: How to Deal with an Analytical Writing Section during the GRE Test

gre essayThe GRE test is a standardized admission test required by most graduate schools in America. Is your graduate course included into the list of 2017-18 Institutions Approved to Receive GRE Scores? Let’s start preparing.

This article dwells upon the GRE essay section (that is also called the GRE Analytical Writing section). It consists of two key segments: the Argument Essay and the Issue Essay. Pay attention to the time limit. College students are given 30 minutes to cope with each type of essays. Make ready for it.

The Difference Between 2 Types of GRE Essay

The issue essay requires you to provide a response the extent to which you (dis)agree with a statement, as well as provide solid reasons why you take a particular position. To support it, you have to talk about the ways in which a certain statement is (in)valid and tell your readers in what way these considerations influence your position.

As for the argument essay, you’re required to provide a response in which you need to discuss the specific evidence to evaluate the argument, as well as tell how the evidence strengthens or weakens this argument.

Time as a Key Strategy for the Analytical Writing Section

Within the given time frames, you will have to allow the sufficient amount of time to work on the issue and all the instructions, consider a proper response, and craft a top-notch essay.
It is recommended to save a couple of minutes at the end of every task in order to scan the text for possible errors. Even though a simple grammatical or spelling mistake won’t affect your grade, persistent and serious mistakes will definitely lower your overall score.

According to the GRE Scoring Guide, every response you provide is scored holistically on a special six-point scale. The word combination “holistic scoring” is about every response being judged as a whole. In other words, the GRE essay readers don’t split the response and award special points for a certain criterion (language, ideas, structure, organization, etc.) Instead, they provide scores for the overall quality of the project.

Key Points of the Analytical Writing Section

Before you start working on the Analytical Writing Section, ensure to read the issue and instructions. Consider the issue from a range of viewpoints. Take into consideration what the key points of the section are:

  • Clarity. It is a fundamental factor that GRE essays graders look for. It allows them to understand what exactly you’re trying to say in it. According to the “Writing Difficulties and New Solutions: Blended Learning as an Approach to Improve Writing Abilities” research, clarity is something that most written papers usually lack.
  • Reasoning. This element plays a crucial part in the GRE essay. The writer has to provide as many logically solid reasons as possible to support the stance. With the compelling logical reasoning, you will be able to compose a convincing piece.
  • Evidence. To ensure your essay is logical and reasonable, provide various pieces of evidence. Would you like to impress your target audience? Be there with the convincing evidence needed to support your thesis. You’re free to look for the evidence that can be implied or direct, and link them with the writing section.
  • Topics. Here’s the truth – topic is something that hooks your readers when they look at essays for the very first time. Select the most relevant topics from the variety available.

Here are some of the interesting issue questions for the GRE essay from different categories:

  • “World nations should suspend the funding for the arts when many people are unemployed and hungry” (Arts).
  • “The country’s well-being is improved when a huge part of the society questions authority” (Power and Government).
  • “The most prominent ideas appear from a passionate interesting in the most ordinary things” (Intellectual Endeavors).
  • “Government must make certain that their major towns and cities are provided with the financial support they need to prosper” (Cities).
  • “Since people rely more on techs to cope with the problems, the ability to think and make decisions for themselves will 100% deteriorate” (Technology and Society).

The Analytical Writing Section of the GRE essay asks you to analyze statements that are usually relevant to education, politics or culture. Essentially, you’re coming to a complex matter with which we’re ready to help you. Our writing service is aimed at students who feel confused while writing essays. Don’t feel so.

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