Harvard Students’ Advice How to Write a Harvard Essay

how-to-write-a-harvard-essay“The transition from high school to college isn’t easy,” says Toluwalase Oladitan, a sophomore in Harvard. In order to start studying at Harvard, start preparing for an admission essay right now. We’ll help you to do it the best. This article is aimed to highlight practical tips how to write an essay to get in the college based on the Harvard students’ pieces of advice.

In the student blog, Holly Breuer tries to revive a memory of that moment of writing anything to let her into Harvard. A blank laptop screen sprang to her mind. Sounds familiar, right? Many students all over the world face the same trouble, when it comes to writing assignments – they are stuck!

There are two ways you can actually go. You can put your head down in your arms and cry. Alternatively, read this article on how Harvard students accomplish essays and follow the same rules as they do.

Write YOUR Story, not Someone Else’s

The whole point of an application essay – and the reason why the university calls it ‘the personal statement’ – is that it must represent a part of your life story. In the Harvard essays students write about everything, from what it’s like to be a soldier’s kid in the US to how to learn by experience. So, the answer to the how-to-write question here is quite simple – you have to talk about…yourself!

Talk about Your Parents… Correctly

Writing about your parents is something you’re going to include in a Harvard essay. Make sure you address the closest people on earth appropriately. The term ‘parents’ appears quite frequently in the Harvard essays, but all for nothing. It’s better to name them ‘mother’ and ‘father’ instead of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

Do not Try to Please the Admissions Officers’ Ears

It is a very, very bad idea to mention in an essay that you think Harvard admission officers want to receive from you. Whether that’s a project about your previous ‘life changing’ experience helping poor people after the earthquake in El Salvador or your love to the nuclear physics if you don’t actually have both. If you feel that your essay is about something you don’t know, it’s time to stop and choose another direction.

Don’t Write Memoirs or Create a Chédeuvre

At Harvard you are least expected to write your life story from A to Z, or to provide a piece of art in which you imitate Freud or Nitzsche or to talk about how much you love everything about Harvard. Just provide a bit more details about who you actually are. Decide how to present the personal information properly. Yes, the task is pretty daunting, but no one can do that better than you.

Check the Samples of Previously Accomplished Essays

Feel free to make use of papers belonging to the students, who successfully got accepted at the university. Just get inspired. For example, Nick Huber, who graduated Harvard in 2009, referred to a person who’s had an influence on him. It was his father. Yehong Zhu, a recently graduating student, wrote about an event that marked her transition from childhood to adulthood. Who knows, maybe a tiny idea will become a huge hint and help you knock the socks off the Harvard University admission committee?

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