Analysis of Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club” Plot

analysis essay sampleThe majority of typical stories begin with a bunch of various ingredients: the starting point (situation), the central conflict, climax, tension, denouement and ending up. The brightest writers tend to shake the recipe a bit in order to add some really hot spice to it.

The book “The Joy Luck Club” written by Amy Tans is not created on the basis of a classy structure of the plot, first of all, because it is designed as a set of short stories that in this or that way are linked. Every story line includes its own suspense and conclusive section, but taking into consideration that fact that all stories of the book run in no small part via different flashbacks, the typical analysis we got used to is not going to work well once you wish to describe “The Joy Luck Club”. At the same time, the story of Jing-mei (the most complete one, which keeps together the whole plot) can be easily analyzed.

“The Joy Luck Club” Initial Situation

Jing-mei’ mama has just passed away and Jing-mei is in need of filling her mother’s spot, and she does that in the Joy Luck Club. Although she feels really unsure about the job, she sets off to the Hsus’ house to have a club meeting.

The Conflict

The biggest dream of Suyuan was to finally re-unite with her twin daughters, who have been lost many years ago. Unfortunately, she dies before she can make her biggest dream come true. Nonetheless, the lost kids have been located and today it is up to Jing-mei to meet her sisters. She must go to China, where she finally can tell them about their mother.

The Climax

When staying in China, Jing-mei realizes that her inner world is more Chinese that she could ever imagine. With that in mind, she’s engaged in learning her own identity. At the same time, Jing-mei exerts every effort in order to know more about her mother. One of the things Jing-mei learns while staying in China is the real meaning of her name and the name of her mother. All the steps Jing-mei must take during her trip make her realize that being together with children was a long-cherished dream of her mother.

The Suspense

One of the questions the readers deal with in the process of reading is how the encounter between girls will go? Jing-mei feels stressed about the upcoming meeting with the twins. She fears the situation will be similar to the funeral.

The Denouement

As you turn the pages, you see that the encounter is more like a real family reunion. Without saying a word, the three sisters hug each other and cry. This is when the reader has tears in his/her eyes as well.

The End

Suyuan’s long-cherished wish has been fulfilled.
The sisters have photography, where all of them are happy as never before. They look like Suyuan and thus, by living on through her children, the woman finally makes her dream come true – Suyuan reunites with her twin girls when they all meet.

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