Time Management: 3 Tips for Students

time management tipsIn order to manage your time, you must first know how you use your time nowadays. Estimate the amount of time you spend on everyday activities. This will give you an opportunity to identify your major “time wasters” and the emergency issues that should be done first. Once you are done, proceed to the top 3 tips on time management developed exclusively for students.

Everyday Schedule

There are tons of time schedules that can be fit for your everyday activities and your personality. These can be 3×5 cards, a poster, a wallboard or an engagement book. When you’re ready to make your choice, make sure to pick the right construction. Time-managing experts recommend leaving enough space for every hour in case you have a busy schedule. What is the right time for studying? Schedule it when you’re 100% energized. Block in study breaks (make sure to take some rest at least 10-15 minutes every hour).

To succeed in your courses, you will need enough time to study. Always be realistic on the amount of courses. If you realize you have no time to eat or sleep, consider making your schedule less burdensome. Do what you feel is most important at the moment.

Don’t be a Stickler!

Trying to be a perfect person is the right way to fiasco. Nobody is perfect. Make certain to set the goals a human being can achieve. Otherwise, you will end up with procrastination and avoidance.

Learn to say NO

Let’s say your best friend would like to have a night out with you. You have already planned a movie tour for tomorrow with your acquaintance and tonight you were going to write an essay and do laundry. You really don’t feel like going out tonight. You are going to say NO, but you don’t like turning your friends down. Make sure to get yourself a habit of politely saying NO. Thus, you have a chance to free up enough time for more important issues.

Prioritizing is a MUST

It is very important to learn to prioritize your everyday activities and engagements. A lot of students have no idea how to do that and, as the result, they start procrastinating. A “to-do” list will help you to place all the issues in the order of importance. One can create the A-B-C list. All the items written under the letter A are the ones that should be accomplished first. The B items are less important, while the C section includes the stuff that can be completed later on. Make sure to come up with your own scheme.

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