The Art of Poetry Writing: 5 Tips for Beginners

writing penOne of the most interesting types of poetry writing is the prose poetry. For the majority of literature fans, it is nothing but a piece of prose that is broken up into several lines and structured into something that is far from what we are used to calling a poem. Poetry is something that expresses author’s unique experience through a certain amount of words. Keeping this in mind, there are some winning tips for generating the high class poetry:

  1. You should read the works of published authors (of those, who are the best ones in their field). It is highly important to investigate the techniques and the style of the writing gurus.
  2. Go over your first draft in order to erase anything that somehow dilutes your key meaning. In case you are left with six words only – no need to panic! The most important thing is that you have dug out the very heart of your masterpiece and now it’s time to write it. When the time to edit is here, make sure to do it ruthlessly. If you are just a beginner in poetry writing, remember that editing is the key to success.
  3. The poem should have its unique theme. What message are you trying to share? What exactly are you trying to inform the world about? In case you can’t give the right answer to the questions above, your poem will turn into a wooly journey with no destination at all and, as the result, it will be unsuccessful.
  4. Poetic device and imagery are the must-haves of every poem. Without these, your work will be absolutely lifeless and can hardly be called a poem. Once you face a stunning metaphor, make sure to develop it throughout the content.
  5. Stay unique and make sure to avoid cliché! A real poet knows how to put an old theme into a new stream. Make sure to root all the clichés up and yank them out from your writing. Otherwise, it won’t get anyone interested in your piece of writing.

Every poetry writing beginner should keep in mind all those tips provided above and he will most likely find his poems built on strong images and with identifiable message seen throughout the text. The poetry is not easy to deal with. On the other hand, everyone has a chance to try to be a true poet!

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