Reading Nooks for Students: You’ll Definitely Want to Study!

nook roomIt is often hard to force oneself to overcome all the day’s distractions and time eaters, in order to concentrate on studying. While the Internet is the biggest problem you’ll have to deal with, there are other things as well which can lure you into interacting with them instead of doing your round of homework.

The best solution is to isolate yourself from as many distracting stimuli as possible. A separate room would do well, and so will the minimalist workspace with just the necessary things around you, such as a book, your notes, or a laptop (preferably with no Internet access). It would be best if you make yourself a place designed specifically for work. A cozy reading nook will help you to not only concentrate on studying, but it will make you want to study. Below are some guidelines on making a perfect reading spot.

As Remote as Possible

Use the remote part of your apartment or room, let it be your corner for studying. The spot should be as much isolated as possible, so that you can be left alone in the working mood. It can be anything that you might redesign into a studying nook: a windowsill, a closet, an attic, space under the staircase, and so on. Make sure that the noises and distractions are not within your reach there.

The More Light, the Better

It is important that you have enough light. Daylight is especially good. It will keep your mood up and have you energized during your study-time. For this purpose, you can make yourself a spot at a window: if your windowsill cannot support the weight of a human body, you can put some storage drawers or bench for extra space.

If you have chosen a different spot, such as a niche under the stairs or in the wall, or if you have cleared a remote corner of your room, then you should get the proper lighting there. It can be a wall lamp, or LED strips on the walls around you. There is a wide range of possibilities to experiment with; you just need to find what suits you best.

Comfort is a Cornerstone of Success

Another principal thing to bear in mind is to make sure that you are comfortably set. There must be enough space for you in your nook, so that you can change the position of your body to keep your blood flowing. Comfort also refers to how you feel in your reading spot. Some need an open-space alcove, and some prefer being barred from the outside world. If an isolated room is not an option, then you can build something like a teepee using blankets and covering its floor with cushions.

If you have a hard time concentrating on your studying because there is too much contact with other things around you, a reading nook may be a nice way out. While you can experiment with the available space in your apartment turning it into your studying-only zone, you should bear its principal attributes in mind: comfort, spaciousness, light, and a little creativity to keep yourself inspired. Also, the nicer your nook looks, the more you will want to come back there to study.

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