The Potential of Visuals in Academic Writing


When you are required to deal with the visual writing, you should remember that the task requires you to make use of visuals in the process (rather than words) in order to express the idea or a particular support argument. In other words, while dealing with the academic writing you will also have to treat images as texts or any other communication form.

What can the author of the essay gain through using 3d visualization in the academic writing? It’s not a secret that we live in the world that is built on the graphic images. Everyone should know how to read and properly interpret visuals, as well as generate and use them in the most effective manner. Successfully produced images can make your academic writing memorable, guide your readers, give them an accurate emphasis, set a certain essay tone, guarantee trustworthiness of your words and also help persuade the readers that each of your arguments is serious.

However, you must have a deliberate and clear purpose for all the visuals you choose. When you consider using some of the visuals, make sure to ask yourself how the reader will react to this image; whether the image will supplement the reader’s understanding of the argument of the essay.

Are you ready to choose the images? Make certain to pick the ones that are provocative and original, not common or generic. The point is that the images shouldn’t be used as decoration. When picking the images, make sure to give preference to the ones where the subject is in direct relation to the camera. Take into account the symmetry and the balance aspects. While asymmetry can cause uneasiness and tension, the balance may bring harmony. What kind of effect would you like to bring upon the viewer?

Once you are ready to place the image in your text, make certain to choose the images that are large enough to be clearly seen. The quality must be of the highest standards with the appropriate resolutions so that there was no pixilation. All the visuals should be placed near the text that they are related to or between the content sections that are related. Look through all the models of wrapping the content of the paper around the chosen image. If necessary, add a line border in order to draw attention to the image.

Don’t be afraid to use charts, graphs or figures, but make sure to use the simple ones (the simpler they are, the easier it will be to express your viewpoint). Always include the right title, avoid too many colors or lines and make sure that the patterns or colors are distinguished from one another. And finally, with all the visuals included into the academic writing project, do not forget to text-wrap as well as provide enough space to hook attention and set the image apart from the text.

Bear in mind that proper visualization allows the reader to understand text better and quicker.

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