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Category Archives: Useful Tips

Teaching Evaluation Forms for Students: How You Can Improve Your Learning

The traditional understanding of teaching is that it is students who are supposed to be evaluated during and after the lessons: their performance, their knowledge, their skills. However, with the growing prominence of open teaching, the idea that teachers should be evaluated and given feedback from their students becomes more and more important. There are… Read More →

No Homework Policy: Necessity or Trend?

There has been a large debate within the community of educators globally — whether or not schoolers have to do homework. Some researchers of the problem emphasize negative effects of home assignments, such as higher stress levels, reduced interest in studying, or wasted classroom time. Is homework really such a harmful phenomenon? Let us explore… Read More →

6 Critical Thinking Steps to Have a Scrupulous Mind

We all deal with tons of information every day. We get it constantly from everywhere: social networks, news websites, TV, zines, our friends, professors, or just random people we meet. Information we interact with serves as a basis for our judgments, beliefs, decisions, or worldviews. Having a scrupulous mind can help us in many areas… Read More →

Does a Critical Thinking Quiz Really Work?

There are quizzes for everything. Some tell us what celebrities we look like, some inform us on the perfect places to live, based on our preferences and life choices; other quizzes calculate our levels of empathy or evaluate our critical thinking. Really, is it possible to just take a quiz and get a reliable assessment… Read More →

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