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Category Archives: Useful Tips

Are you a FoMO?

A lot of students nowadays tend to turn down various social events and give up other opportunities because of the fear of missing something important on the web. Moreover, they never stop checking their social media feeds to make sure they don’t miss anything awesome. That’s what the experts call the Fear of Missing Out… Read More →

I Study on Facebook

Every internet user will agree that the popularity of Facebook, as well as the other social networking web sites, is constantly growing. The good thing about that is that a lot of students nowadays have learnt to make use of Facebook for educational purposes. They have realized that using social networking they will get an… Read More →

Creative? No, Just Lazy

Almost every student has a confession to make – he is lazy. While most of the time they are required to stay 100% productive – they do their best in order to focus on the assignments, let us be honest – we all are human beings and, as they say, to err is human. Laziness… Read More →

The 10 Hardest Universities to Get into

Many students-to-be aspire to enter a prestigious university; and it is only logical, for both the quality of education and job prospects rely heavily on it. However, the more prestigious the university is, the harder it is to get into. Here are 10 universities that are especially notorious in this respect. 1. Harvard University Harvard… Read More →

Thinking Out of the Box? Is It Possible at University?

Thinking outside the box is one of the challenges that every university student is faced with. What is it about? First of all, creative thinking at school means approaching various problems in unusual and innovative ways; understanding your problems differently and conceptualizing you viewpoints in a way that you would never considered before. Students are… Read More →

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