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How to Write an Essay about Myself

“I’m assigned with the task to write an essay about myself, but I have no idea what to start with…” Perhaps, this sounds very familiar for you. Fortunately, you are not alone with your troubles. There are many aspects you have to take into account when working on the personal essay. First of all, one… Read More →

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Sample Essay

How does it usually happen? You come to a school or college after long summer holidays, meet up with your classmates and educators, and you need to say something about “How I spent my summer vacation”. And here, you start thinking, “And how did I really spent this long vacation?” Using the words “was there”,… Read More →

Essay Sample on the Topic: My Best Friend

Without a doubt, everyone is dreaming about having a really faithful and true friend for life. Unfortunately, not every person can boast of having such a soulmate near. Honestly saying, I can call myself a pretty sociable individual, that is why I have a lot of friends and I’m absolutely happy about it. First of… Read More →

Why I Love My Country

If you asked me if I love my country, I would be very surprised. Seriously. The point is that asking me that is like asking me whether I love my mother, my father or my grandparents. There is no doubt that I love my country and, what is more, I am very proud of it… Read More →

9th of May – Victory Day

If the the 8th of March is Women’s day in Russia and the New Year is a holiday of hope, Victory Day in Russian Federation is the most solemn of all special occasions, when the whole country remembers the days of the WW II and the time when the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany. Every… Read More →

Saddam Hussein: Executioner or Victim?

The famous dictator is dead now. Accused of committing various crimes against humanity and, as a result, executed, Saddam Hussein remained defiant till his last breath. However, everyone who feared the former dictator and the possibility him somehow finding the way to return to power and go on with his reign of terror – political… Read More →

Mr. Olympia 2014: Top Possible Winners

Winning the widely known title of Mr. Olympia 2014 is not an easy task. A great bunch of highly popular professional bodybuilders have provided their candidacies for Olympia success. Nonetheless, only 13 candidates have been crowned. The most elite iron warriors are always thriving to get the most important status in their lives. The famous… Read More →

Euro 2016: Meet the Brand New Format

The European Football Championship 2016 will be the first year in the entire history of FIFA, when a brand new format is introduced. The new format of the European Football Championship 2016 will cover twenty four teams rather than the traditional format that consists of sixteen team and that has been successfully applied since Euro… Read More →

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