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Category Archives: Essay Samples

Free essay samples on different topics not for students only to improve their writing skills and experience.

Essay Sample for High School

Essay sample for high school represents an essay written in accordance with the basic requirements to the papers of high school students. The requirements for essay sample for high school include the presence of an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs with supporting details and a conclusion summarizing the argument. The popularity of mobile… Read More →

Extended Essay Sample

An extended essay is an academic work that is a part of most international baccalaureate degree programs. Extended essay example is larger in volume than a regular academic essay, as it consists of up to four thousand words. It is a particular research paper aimed at evoking the student’s abilities to conduct independent research. Extended… Read More →

4 Impromptu Performance Rules You Learn from the Best Extemporaneous Speech Samples

An impromptu speech is the most natural and potentially most powerful and effective way of delivery – but it comes at a cost of requiring a considerable level of skill and, oxymoronic as it may sound, preparation. Most extemporaneous speech samples show that their authors haven’t actually delivered them spontaneously – but they weren’t learnt… Read More →

One of the Sample Psychology Essays to Help You on the Way: Family Therapy

Generally, family therapy can be described as a popular and globally recognized psychotherapeutic approach that is aimed at families as systems rather than on individuals. A family is considered as a basic social unit, on the one hand. On the other, it is a system of mutually related individuals who maintain close emotional connections with… Read More →

Psychology Essay Example: False Memories

The formation of memories has always been a topic of interest in psychology. It is worth noting that in humans, there are both true and false memories. The study of the latter should be a matter of concern especially for students who wish to work in areas of psychotherapy and counseling. Knowing how and why… Read More →

Psychology Education Sample Essay: Scientific Study of Human Learning

Any occupation demands some basic knowledge of psychology. Therefore, it is important to learn and write about psychology education in general and educational psychology in particular. An essay format, in which you collect information, research, and draw your own conclusions, would be a good exercise for you. So, below is a sample essay on educational… Read More →

Non Conformance Report Example Template That Will Solve Your Troubles

Writing reports of any kind could be a pretty boring thing to do for students. However, this assignment will be able to train students’ attention to details, their ability to comply with the rigid structure, describe events logically and chronologically, and provide the right evidence to strengthen their point or support their arguments. A non-conformance… Read More →

Sample Essay on Terrorism Types

Unpleasant as it may be, but over the last fifty years or so terrorism has become an integral part of life. Numerous groups all over the world pursuing all kinds of goals use it to achieve their ends, and there is still no efficient way of combating this menace. That is why knowing at least… Read More →

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